Idaho Politics

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Contact Your Legislators

Click here to get the contact information for ALL of your Idaho Legislators for 2021. Download in multiple formats as needed, and keep their feet to the fire!
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Contact Your Congressmen

Click here to get the contact information for ALL of Idaho's Congressional delegation (Jim Risch, Mike Crapo, Russ Fulcher, and Mike Simpson).
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Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Ignorantly!

Don't be an ignorant voter! And don't let your friends vote ignorantly. Do your duty as a citizen of Idaho and the United States, and do your due diligence before voting for anyone! Use the links below:

Idaho Candidates Survey Responses
Sheriff Badge

Don't Vote For A Sheriff Until You Know Where they Stand on Defending Your Constitutional Rights!

Click here to see how every Sheriff in Idaho (there are 44 of them) stands on the most important issue of all—the Constitution of the United States.
Idaho Sheriffs Survey Responses
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Idaho Primary 2020 Voter's Guide

Vote for the candidate who best represents the values of Freedom and Liberty. Our list of candidates can be found here:
Idaho Primary 2020 Voter's Guide
Freedom Man
PO Box 190088
Boise, ID 83709
Freedom Man Links
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