Lying CDC Attributes Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated

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Lying CDC Attributes Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated

September 22nd, 2021 | by Gunner Steele

The CDC is lying to you, plain and simple. Somebody needs to sue them and put them all in jail. It is unbelievable, outrageous, and flat-out criminal what they are doing right now in order to manipulate the public!

In short, right now, people who are dying as a direct result of getting the COVID "vaccine," or those who are dying in spite of getting the COVID vaccine, are all being listed as "unvaccinated deaths."

This means that all of the public statistics that are being used by the news media to manipulate public opinion, and by legislators to draft public policy, IS ALL FALSE! And those involved all know it. The data is all public, so you can look it up for yourself (links included in the text of this article). I will try to be brief and explain the details below…

So-Called Pandemic of the Unvaccinated is a FAT LIE

Mainstream media is calling the current state of the fake pandemic as a "pandemic of the unvaccinated." They are trying to cause people to believe that infections and deaths right now are a result of people refusing to get "vaccinated." As a reminder, using the word "vaccine" or calling people "vaccinated" or "unvaccinated" is all a farce. The COVID-19 "vaccine" is not a vaccine by any historical definition of the word "vaccine." What we really have are jabbed and unjabbed, or injected and non-injected. None of the 3 popular "vaccines" are actual "vaccines."

That being said, mainstream media is desperately trying to convince everyone that they MUST receive the COVAIDS jab, or else! And that the unjabbed/non-injected are the only problem we have right now and that if everyone would just line up with their tyrannical overlords and let the government and mainstream elite pressure them into forcing things they don't want into their bodies, then the pandemic would end.

They are all lying. Everyone who says or infers anything similar to this is SIMPLY LYING. They are liars and should never again be trusted—EVER!

Guess what the truth is? The truth is that the CDC has created guidelines that declare that anybody who has actually received the "vaccine" (i.e. jab/injection) who subsequently dies before getting their second injection would be categorized as an "unvaccinated" death. That's right people who die after getting the vaccine are actually being calculated in national statistics as "unvaccinated" deaths!

Don't believe me, here is the screenshot from the CDC's own website:
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So pay close attention to what that says. It says "≥14 days after they have completed all recommended doses." According to the FDA guidelines, the Pfizer "vaccine" is to be administered "intramuscularly as a series of two doses (0.3 mL each) 3 weeks apart." The Moderna "vaccine" is administered "intramuscularly as a series of two doses (0.5 mL each) 1 month apart."

So then you have to add 14 days on top of that before the CDC will even call you a "vaccinated person." That's right! Here's a simple chart for you:
PFIZER—35 DAYS after being vaccinated until you're actually considered "vaccinated" for statistical purposes:
1st jab of vaccine PLUS 21 days for 2nd jab, then
2nd jab of vaccine PLUS 14 days because the CDC says so.

MODERNA—44 DAYS after being vaccinated until you're actually considered "vaccinated" for statistical purposes
1st jab of vaccine PLUS 30 days for 2nd jab
2nd jab of vaccine PLUS 14 days because the CDC says so.
The vast majority of all deaths occurring as a result of getting the "vaccine" occurs within 14 days anyway. This simply means that nearly all of the deaths being attributed to unvaccinated persons right now in America, are actually VACCINATED PEOPLE who are dying from the vaccine itself! And they're blaming it on "unvaccinated" people because they have defined "unvaccinated" people as people who actually have been vaccinated.

This is a level and measure of lying, manipulation, deceit, and population control that has seriously only been seen or imagined in Hollywood dystopian movies, and that we never imagined could actually happen in the real world.

But alas, here we are. It is happening before our very eyes. They are not even hiding it. Click on the links above and look at their own publications on their own website(s). The US Government is publishing the fact that they are doing this, but NOBODY IS PAYING ATTENTION because the mainstream media keeps pumping the same rhetoric all day long which is, "Everybody who is dying is unvaccinated! The unvaccinated are causing all problems!"

And as long as they shout that loud enough and often enough, the masses of government educated imbeciles with brains full of mush and drivel, will continue to believe it and will never know the truth.

And as long as you sent your kids to one of those same government indoctrination centers for their entire life (aka public school), then you get what you deserve.

Welcome to 1984. George Orwell only missed it by 37 years.
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