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Rally Against Corrupt Judge, Corrupt Court, and Corrupt Sheriff

April 3rd, 2021
How would you like to be arrested for NO REASON? That is what happened to these men (and others) and if we do nothing, then we should expect nobody to do anything when it happens to us as well.
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World Renowned Pro-Vaccine Doctor Pleads with the World to STOP COVID Vaccinations

March 16th, 2021
This is one of the most significant developments in modern times, as a world famous PRO-VACCINE doctor…is sounding the alarm and claiming that mass worldwide vaccinations must stop immediately or we will essentially be committing human genocide…
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Mike Lindell's 2020 Election Fraud Documentary

February 5, 2021
Mike Lindell has released a documentary on the 2020 election fraud. He claims to have "Absolute Proof." You need to see it and judge for yourself…
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Idaho March for Life

January 23, 2021
The Boise March for Life takes place every January on the weekend anniversary of Roe v Wade to commemorate the over 50 million unborn children that have been lost since the infamous Supreme Court ruling…
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The Divorce is Final—We've Lost the Republic

January 11, 2021 | Gunner Steele
The republic that once was the greatest nation on the face of God's earth has been lost. Sure, we know it's been lost for a long time. We can list the unfaithfulness of this country. We know the errors and sins of our country and the utter folly of our government and our culture…
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Why Over 90% of All Conservatives are actually Socialists

January 4, 2021 | Gunner Steele
Before I get started, I must warn all of my conservative friends that I'm about to offend you with the content of this article. I would only ask that before you let your emotions overtake you because of my assertions in this article, that you first LOGICALLY think through…
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8 Ways the Constitution was Violated in Idaho in 2020

December 30, 2020 | Diego Rodriguez
This short, 9 minute long video outlines 8 very specific ways the rights of the people have been violated by the Idaho State Government…
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5 Great Lessons Learned in 2020

December 28, 2020 | Gunner Steele
Well this is going to be my final blog entry for 2020. I don't need to reiterate for anyone what a crazy year it has been. For now, I just want to highlight very quickly what I believe the 5 GREAT LESSONS of 2020 have been…
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Dumb 2nd Amendment Supporters

December 21, 2020 | Gunner Steele
I must admit that there are a lot of really dumb supporters of the 2nd Amendment. Not just dumb, but some of them are downright stupid…
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Diego Rodriguez and Ammon Bundy Challenge GOP Leaders to Debate

December 15, 2020
Diego Rodriguez from the Freedom Man PAC, along with Ammon Bundy from Peoples' Rights have issued a challenge to debate these leaders of the Idaho Republican Party a debate challenge to the leaders of the Idaho GOP…
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Stop the Steal Rally - REPLAY

December 12, 2020
Here is the video/replay for the Stop the Steal Rally at the Boise State Capitol on December 12th…
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Ada County Sheriff Steve Bartlett Joins GOP Leaders in Denouncing Constitutional Protests

December 11, 2020
Yesterday, Ada County Sheriff Steve Bartlett decided he wanted to chime in and add his two cents to the already posted statement by the Idaho Republican Party. Here is his statement…
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Republican Leaders Denounce Constitutional Protests - Patriots Respond

December 10, 2020
Yesterday, December 9th, 2020, leaders from the Idaho Republican Party issued a joint statement condemning "intimidation and hate" by protestors who were protesting unlawful tyrannical orders. Here is the statement…
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